Dear [FullNameX],

This is a sample HTML campaign sent using BitFaster. Let's see how we can personalize an email campaign in BitFaster. Personalization is nothing but replacing system variables with actual values for each contact that you send out the campaign.

For example, if you wish to address each of your contacts by their First Name, you could simply use the system variable FirstName enclosed within square brackets "[]".

Notice the very first line at the top. We have used a system variable called FullNameX. When you actually receive this campaign in your Inbox, you would see your full name along with the salutation.

There are 66 variables that are supported in this version of BitFaster. System variables are case sensitive - FullNameX is not the same as FullnameX. The former word is treated as a valid system variable whereas the latter is simply shown as text! Please note that we are not enclosing the variables here in [] because we don't want them to be personalized. When you wish to personalize a variable, make sure you do it this way [FirstName] - do you notice your first name here?

Check out the System Variables option from the View menu in BitFaster. You can see a list of all the variables supported along with those that support Dynamic Content. Just add a few contacts and update a few fields for each contact and play around a bit with the variables. And experience the power of personalization in email marketing.

To copy this sample, right click in your browser window and choose "View Source" or "View Page Source" depending on the browser you are using.

Happy Campaigning!

The BitFaster Team

This email was sent to [Email].