• In the World of

    Email Marketing and Automation

    when Data Security, Content Personalization and Technical Flexibility means everything to a Business, they opt for BitFaster.


Get unmatched Content Personalization options with over 60 System Variables that you can use in your Email Campaigns. It's as simple as inserting [FirstName] or [Company] in your HTML code.

And also define and manage Fallback values for System Variables for every Email Campaign to avoid Grammatical mistakes.

Worried about your data falling into the wrong hands? Now control every aspect of your Email Marketing and Automation right from your premises.


Pick and choose any of the 15+ filters that you can apply to precisely target your campaigns. Filters include Groups, Job Titles, Tags and even Domain Exclusions.

Define If...Else conditions and include Dynamic Content in your campaigns. Plus add a Dynamic Attachment to every email sent based on Unique Code (like sending Monthly Statements).


BitFaster Alerts gives you absolute flexibility to integrate with your existing databases or applications and build automation solutions.

Whether you want to implement simple instant notification (via Email or SMS) or perform complex data transformation, you can get things up and running in a matter of hours.

BitFaster Results gives you the reports you need to tweak your Email Campaigns and improve delivery rates.


With BitFaster, you can manage Bounced Email and Unsubscribe Requests completely handsfree. You can configure BitFaster to take action based on your inputs.

BitFaster Live tracks Email Campaigns, Bounced Messages and Unsubscribes in real-time.


Get the Best of both the Worlds: On-Premise and Cloud

It's your Business and you should take complete control of your Email Marketing and Email Automation. No complicated APIs to deal with and no worries about your Data Security. BitFaster is an on-premise solution and stores all the data on your local system. BitFaster is easy to use, flexible and a Developer's boon. You can use BitFaster as Middleware and connect to applications such as Salesforce, Zoho, Microsoft CRM, SAP etc for building automation and data transformation solutions.

We can help you overcome ISP limitations, take care of your Reputation Score and put the best practices in place to optimize message delivery. We provide znd manage Dedicated SMTP services for sending bulk email campaigns.

Campaign Strategy

We work with your Sales and Marketing teams to understand the objectives. And then transform their ideas from the drawing board to measurable results on the dashboard.

Campaign Analysis

Email Marketing is no longer "fire and forget". We will help you analyze your campaign results, translate it to meaningful reports and tweak your next campaign based on it.

Global Support

The rules of engagement change quite often. The strategy that worked last month may not work today. We are here to hand hold and help you overcome any issues.

About us

BitFaster is an award winning on-premise Email Marketing and Automation software that's used by thousands of people globally for their marketing requirements. It is also a full fledged Contact Management Software. And yes, it can also be used for managing your SMS campaigns as well.

Enterprise customers such as Global Village, Le Meridien, Holiday Inn, Radisson Blu etc use BitFaster to generate more business opportunities. Its ease of use and powerful reporting features have made BitFaster the de facto email marketing software for several small to medium businesses across the globe.

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