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If you have any questions or trouble using BitFaster 15, please refer to this page. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions here for your reference. If you do not find a solution to your problem here, please contact us.

What are the System Requirements for running BitFaster 15?

BitFaster needs a Computer with the following specifications to run properly:

  • Microsoft Windows XP or above
  • 1 GB RAM or above and at least 1 GB free hard disk space
  • 256 kbps or above internet connection
  • Microsoft Office 2003 or above (for report generation)
  • At least 1 SMTP account (for sending Email Campaigns/Alerts)
  • SMS Gateway that supports HTTP/S API (only for SMS Campaigns/Alerts)

BitFaster Editions


Useful for most Small to Medium businesses.
  • Send and track up to 25,000 Messages per Campaign
  • Supports Email Throttling (Auto Pause)
  • Unlimited Contacts and Groups
  • Unlimited Email/SMS Campaigns
  • Unlimited Tweeting
  • "Powered by BitFaster" footer shown for Email Campaigns
  • Support Package (only if you purchase BitFaster Results - Email Tracking Service)

Free License, Pay for Alerts/Tracking


Best suited for high volume Enterprise businesses.
  • We can discuss about your requirement
  • Supports Email Throttling (Auto Pause)
  • Unlimited Contacts and Groups
  • Unlimited Email/SMS Campaigns
  • Unlimited Tweeting
  • No "Powered by BitFaster" footer shown
  • Advanced Support Pack (as per requirement)

Please Call to discuss requirement

Can I share my database if I have multiple installations of BitFaster on my network?

BitFaster 15 is a single-user software.

I get the error message "BitFaster could not find the database under the Data folder or the database drivers are missing/corrupt. Please contact your administrator.". What could be wrong?

This error message indicates that either your database is corrupted or the ODBC drivers on your system are outdated/corrupt. You can try to reinstall BitFaster (Run the Setup file as Administrator) and check. If that does not solve the problem, you may be required to update the Windows Service Pack on your system. If you are not sure on how to do it, please consult your System Administrator.

I can't find an HTML editor in BitFaster. Where is it?

We have stopped building the HTML editor component in BitFaster. Instead we recommend you use the BEE editor which is free and is accessible at https://beefree.io. You can save the HTML file to your local system and use it with BitFaster.

Do you provide templates?

We believe that your campaigns should reflect your brand identity. A predesigned template won't help you achieve that. Hence we don't encourage out customers to use templates.

I get the error message "BitFaster could not retrieve User info. Please contact your administrator.". What could be wrong?

BitFaster encountered an issue with the User info table. Please check with your Database Administrator to fix the issue.

What is a BitFaster Alert?

BitFaster now supports Transactional Messages or Alerts. You can trigger automated notifications based on a Query.

For instance, if you are a Car Service Center and would like to inform/notify your customer as soon as you update your system, you can configure a BitFaster Alert to check your database at regular intervals and trigger a Personalized Email or an SMS (needs SMS Gateway).

Can I upgrade from BitFaster Professional to BitFaster Enterprise?

Please note that you cannot upgrade the database to BitFaster Enterprise directly.

What is BitFaster Results?

BitFaster Results is our email tracking service (add-on service). Unlike web based email marketing systems, you don't have to upload your contacts to BitFaster Results. Your contact database is located on your local Computer where you install BitFaster Professional or Enterprise.

BitFaster can automatically download the tracking information (a set of Contact ID's that are captured along with the Country and City from where the user saw your email campaign) and generate reports (like who has seen your campaign) locally on your system. We only capture the Contact ID of every single contact who has seen your campaign. A Contact ID is a numeric value. At no point is your contact's email address captured in BitFaster Results and hence your data is confidential and safe on your system.